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what goes up, must come down

Regardless of thew size, setting or location of your activation, our certified installers have the tools and credentials to help you set the scene. Whether on festival grounds or 80 stories above ground atop a high rise building, we work closely with the necessary entities to ensure legal, safe and extraordinary visibility of your work product or experience. Oh yea, we also handle strike and storage whenever your activation has ended and your creation needs a place to live. M Innovations can accommodate any install or strike requirement with our special set of skills and equipment on hand. Our team of professional installers around the country work closely with our client and activation grounds to ensure seamless and efficient install and break down of any job.


Our team erects, perfects and protects onsite:

  • Full scale interactive experiential activations
  • Props and Scenery
  • Pop-up Builds
  • Architectural Projects
  • Permanent and Temporary Installments
  • Flooring

  • Furnishings
  • Backwalls
  • Branded Elements
  • Food Trucks and Stations
  • Custom Whether Contingency Elements

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